Most inspiration for my reels I get from vintage, oldschool, or whatever you may call it, traditional designs. That’s where my hart is. But there’s no intension to make replicas or exact copies, neither super modern or maybe sometimes overdesigned models. What I like is the best of both worlds. Some classic features mixed with a little bit of modern design… Sometimes a bit more classic and sometimes a bit more modern… Lets call it ModernClassics.

An other inspiration is my love for watchmaking. When it’s possible, and of course functional, I love to add a little touch of “watchmaking”. Maybe that’s allso the reason why I have a great preference for “lite and slim looking” classy designed reels….


Every reel and every part is exlusifly made by myself, in my own workshop and with my own hands… There’s no massproduction involved. Many times people ask me why I don’t use CNC (computer controlled) equipment… It’s much easyer, faster and a reel would cost less they say… and maybe they’re right!. But for me the handcrafted aspect is an essential part of my reels. Let there be no discussion… there are many, many superb factory/serial made reels on the marked. All very well engineerd and good looking and with the finest technilogy inside, but that’s not my approach. I go foor caracter, feeling and dedicated craftmanship… One-off dedication for every single customer. If you ever purchase a new FrisianReel you will know that I have made that unique little piece of craftmanship exclusive and only for you…


I was born in 1967 and raised in a little village called Aldeboarn in the north of The Netherlands in the province of Frysl├ón. A Dutch province consisting of more water than land an well known for it’s many waterways, lakes, canals and of course the beautifull “Waddenzee” coastline. It is therefore not surprising that fishing was still one of my greatest passions in life. Also since I can remember I liked to make things. As a little kid I was always busy with Lego, plastic and wood modelling kits and later chopping bicycles and mopets…. So in my teens it was obvious that I wend to technical highschool followed by an other four years of education to bocome an instrumentmaker. After I graduated I started my career as an instrumentmaker and toolmaker at companies such as Philips and Stork…